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KIMI – Prevention of Sexual Abuse against Children
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Raising Awareness of Parents and Trainers

The association KIMI – Prevention of Sexual Abuse against Children – has specialized in preventing sexual abuse in sports

Our aim is to raise awareness among children, young adults, parents and coaches and to establish simple rules for safe practices in sport. KIMI aims at protecting adolescents from sexual assault and adults from false suspicions. KIMI members are networked internationally and work in cooperation with renowned organisations. They are trained in pedagogy and psychology and are experienced in grassroots and high-performance sport.

KIMI is a registered non-profit association.

Become a member and donate

KIMI is a non-profit association and therefore relies on donations. If you want to support the important work of protecting sports-loving children and their coaches, you can become a member for the annual fee of XX and receive XXXXX, as well as an annual report on the association’s activities.
The membership can be cancelled at any time without stating reasons.

Smaller contributions of any amount also provide support.
Donations are tax deductible.

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Be prepared and know what to do

KIMI members hold workshops in schools to encourage children and young adults to articulate their boundaries with others. In order to sensitise parents, teachers, trainers and officials to the issue, KIMI experts take part in discussion rounds, give lectures and raise awareness in the media.

»Not every assault is punished by the law. That is why mandatory rules are absolutely necessary«  

Chris Karl

»It is important for those affected to know that there is a contact person to whom the issue is normal«

Chris Karl

Get advice and support

KIMI’s confidential contact persons analyse suspected cases and can, if necessary, take measures to improve the situation.
Contact us non-binding for advice or assistance. We also follow up on anonymous tips.
KIMI furthermore works together with numerous victim protection programmes.

Did you know that….

Protect Children from Abuse

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