Offers for Schools

Project “Schule und Sport”, Land Salzburg/Austria

Project of Land Salzburg/Austria for Educational Establishments

This is a project sponsored by the local government of Salzburg, available for 3rd and 4th grades of elementary schools.

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Workshops “Sexual Abuse Prevention”

Workshops for children to identify and react to sexually offensive and abusive behavior in sports (for age groups 7-10, 10-14 and 14+)

Relationships between coaches and athletes are often determined by a high degree of trust and dependency which makes young athletes vulnerable for abuse of power and sexual offences. We help young athletes to identify such behavior and how to get help. Sexual education is not part of this workshop.

Timeframe: 90 minutes or more, depending on available time

Workshops “Peer Pressure, Bullying and Safe Internet”


Workshops about peer pressure, bullying and safe use of internet

False friends made online can be the beginning of abusive behavior. This preventive workshop teaches students where to be alerted and how to use social media and stay safe.

Timeframe: 90 minutes or more, depending on available time

Suspicious case Consulting


It is essential to bring in experts to determine whether suspicions of abusive behavior are well-founded, and not false accusations. Our unbiased point of view helps evaluate and distinguish these cases.

KIMI offers confidential advice and cooperates with all established organizations and institutions to work out an individual action plan.
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