Prevention of Sexual Abuse Against Children


1. Preventive Rules


2. Protection Concepts

There is now sufficient literature on protection and child protection concepts. Austria signed the Children’s Rights Convention (CRC) of 1989, thereby guaranteeing children, among other things, the right to a non-violent upbringing and a life without sexual abuse (Article 5).

KIMI understands a protection concept as a three-part plan of how to deal with situations of abuse. This consists of the following elements:

  • Prevention concept
  • Intervention plan
  • Processing program
KIMI will be happy to help you create such a concept.
KIMI Verhaltensregeln

3. Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an agreement between the coach and the club/association in which the coach commits to accepting certain standards when working with children/young athletes.The Code of Conduct can be adapted to different sports and different settings.

Version 100% Sport

Version des DOBS – Deutsche Sportjugend

Trainers watching over the kids during physical education classes

4. More Information

Some links where you can find additional information about sport safety rules and policies (in alphabetical order):

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