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Workshops “Sexual Abuse Prevention”


These workshops are designed to educate about prevention of abusive or sexually offensive behavior, tricks used by offenders, and assist in developing a preventive framework of rules.
Sexual education is not part of the workshops.

We offer workshops for following target groups:

  • Athletes (all age groups)
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Parents

Suspicious case Consulting

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It is essential to bring in experts to determine whether suspicions of abusive behavior are well-founded, and not false accusations. Our unbiased point of view helps evaluate and distinguish these cases.

KIMI offers confidential advice and cooperates with all established organizations and institutions to work out an individual action plan.

Consulting with the Implementation of Prevention Rules


Each sport has different rules and training conditions and needs different and very specific concepts when implementing best practices and all by now well-established prevention rules.

KIMI offers support in the development of specifically designed prevention concepts.
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