How to act in the following situations


Adolescents are being mocked, declared outsiders or are made a fool of by somebody (bullying or mobbing).


Single athletes/adolescents are chosen for special activities, get presents or special attention.


Texting or what’s app/messenger/facebook messages with personal content, without any direct sport relation, are sent to one adolescent in particular.


Private trainings or meetings outside the usual training times happen more frequently.

Coaches are often alone with one athlete/adolescent.


Adolescents are touched in a way, which is not related to an immediate sport activity.

Inappropriate contacts happen repeatedly.


Jokes and stories with sexual background are told to young athletes/adolescents.


Comments about the physical appearance of adolescents without any relation to sports are made.


Athletes / Adolescents exhibit changed behavior patterns and/or show disorders, e.g. in relation to physical proximity and distance behavior, negative or supercritical body consciousness, excessive sport activities or suddenly avoiding sport activities and/or distance to the team or the community.


Young athletes/children suddenly lose interest in the sport and don’t want to attend practice anymore.

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